Our Commitment.

We not only prepare you for your Contractor exam, but help you through the process of getting your license. Our curriculum and differentiated instruction is particularly effective in helping LEP (Limited English Proficiency) and English Language Learner (ELL) students prepare in the shortest amount of time possible for the exam by providing appropriate bilingual-bicultural instruction.

Trusted Experience

The reason our students pass the test is our dedication to quality curriculum, in depth knowledge of the trade subjects and the amount of time we spend with each and every student to assure their success. We offer years of experience with our research and development team.

Test Preparation

HCCO provides you with all the tools needed in preparation for the exam. Contact us to see which form of study best fits you. Whether it is home study in English or our specialized combination study in English and Spanish, HCCO offers a convenient, yet rigorous style of learning.